BlechMafia Nürnberg
Five criminally good musicians
Musical irony, tongue in cheek and a lot of musicality
Fränkischer Tag |, 2019, Musiksommer Obermain in Kloster Banz, Markus Häggberg

The „BlechMafia Nürnberg” is the first Mafia syndicate in the world to use music, rather than racketeering, to impress their clientèle.

Along with their musical prowess, the authentic stage presence of the six-piece quintet thrills audiences with their distinctive wit, character and musical charm.

Brilliant trumpets and symphonic trombones refined with horn and tuba, with a little seasoning of percussion - in short: elegant chamber music to symphonic sublimity, renaissance to romantic, baroque to rock - music that is entertainingly classical to classically entertaining!

BlechMafia's musical ingenuity thrills all ages as they deftly take their fans on a musical journey through various periods and styles of music history. Their specially themed programs, along with their original arrangements and artful compositions written specially for the ensemble, successfully sets the BlechMafia Nürnberg apart time and again.

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